Kinder Pour & Serve Mellow Filter Coffee 50 x 60 g
Kinder Pour & Serve Mellow Filter Coffee 50 x 60 g

Kinder Pour & Serve Mellow Filter Coffee 50 x 60 g

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Syrupy bodied and buttery with a sparkling orange
acidity, honeyed sweetness and a clean finish.

ORIGINS: Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya
BEAN TYPE: 100% Arabica
ALTITUDE: 1,350 – 1,700 masl
ROAST: Light

A Spotlight on Origins:

Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee. They are well known for their high quality coffee and about half of their exports come to the United States. Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags and internal consumption is about 2 million bags annually.
Coffee arrived in Costa Rica in the last decade of the eighteenth century. Over the many years, coffee expanded over the highlands of the Central Valley. The development and trading of coffee deeply influenced the cultural and socioeconomic landscape of the country. Myriad coffee plant varieties, rich soils, high altitudes, and unique growing regions contribute to a popular and sought-after coffee cup profile.
Kenya is well known for its highly organised network of coffee cooperatives. This system produces remarkable consistency in growing methods, milling, and auctioning across a web of about 150,000 growers, the majority of which are small-scale farmers. The topography of high-altitude plateaus in major Kenyan coffee regions combined with acidic soil provides excellent growing conditions for Arabica.